A dictionary, English and Malayalim/Preface

വിക്കിഗ്രന്ഥശാല സംരംഭത്തിൽ നിന്ന്
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A dictionary, English and Malayalim
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[ 9 ] PREFACE.

In giving his Malayalim and English Dictionary to the
public, the Author stated in his preface to that work the
desirableness of a counterpart to accompany it, viz. an
English and Malayalim Dictionary, being published and
his having prepared materials to commence the printing
of it. This he was desirous of commencing at as early a
period as possible, but various circumstances occurring he
was for a time induced to abandon the design of publish-
ing it. Not willing however that his labour in this respect
should be wholly lost, he again took up the work and
ventured to put it to the press, and he feels truly thankful
to God that he has graciously spared him to complete the
printing of it. The work is not however executed on so
large a scale as he originally designed. It was his inten-
tion to have given copious examples under most of the
words, but finding that this would increase the work to a
large size, he was under the necessity of confining himself
to giving comparatively few examples.

Many words have been omitted, particularly Adverbs,
but these may easily be formed by the diligent student
from Substantives and Adjectives, by the Malayalim af-
fix ആയി or ഒടെ, as will appear in numerous instances
throughout the work.

The principal meanings given to each English word
by Johnson and Walker have been given in Malayalim, and
in this respect the author has endeavoured to render it as
comprehensive as possible. [ 10 ] This being the first work of the kind ever published
it cannot of course be expected to be perfect or incapable
of improvement. Of this the Author is fully sensible and
therefore claims the indulgence and candour of every im-
partial consulter of a work which has been executed with
no little labour, and a desire to give the correct rendering
of the words in Malayalim in all their meanings.

In the first two letters of the Alphabet the word To
is not prefixed to verbs. This was entirely an oversight.
This omission is supplied from the letter C to the end of
the work.

In reference to the work itself the Author flatters him-
self that it will prove of considerable utility not only to the
native student who is wishful to acquire a knowledge of
the English language, but also to Europeans desirous of
obtaining a knowledge of the Malayalim language. In
either case the object of the Author will be realized.

The Author desires again to record his most grateful
acknowledgments to General Cullen, British Resident of
Travancore and Cochin, for the very great interest he has
taken in this work as in his former Dictionary, not only in
warmly and liberally patronizing it himself, but in recom-
mending it to others and procuring for it the patronage of
the Rajah of Travancore and the Government of Fort St.
George, Madras.


November 1849.

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