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This template inserts a "brace segment": part of a brace (curly bracket) that can be put into a table to span multiple items.


  • Parameter 1 determines the orientation of the brace: l (left - { ), r (right - } ), o (over) or u (under).
  • Parameter 2 determines the part of the brace:
  • t: top end:
  • b: bottom end:
  • m: middle (for braces with odd number of sections):
  • mt: middle, top (for braces with even numbers of segments):
  • mb: middle, bottom (for braces with even numbers of segments):
  • s: span (between middle and end):
  • ht: half-brace top (for 2-segment braces)
  • hb: half-brace bottom (for 2-segment braces)
  • l: left end:
  • r: right end:
  • Parameter 3 is an optional width for the segment tiles (default is 25) in pixels. All tiles in one brace must be the same for alignment.
  • Note that the table needs to have zero padding and cell spacing. The template {{brace table parameters}} will set these for you.
  • In the case of horizontal (under and over) brace, left is the "top" and right the "bottom"


Foo {{brace|r|t}}
Bar {{brace|r|s}}
Spam {{brace|r|mt}}
Eggs {{brace|r|mb}}
Bread {{brace|r|s}}
Text {{brace|r|m}}
Text {{brace|r|b}}
Stuff {{brace|r|ht}}
Things {{brace|r|hb}}

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