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വിക്കിഗ്രന്ഥശാല സംരംഭത്തിൽ നിന്ന്
ഈ താളിൽ തെറ്റുതിരുത്തൽ വായന നടന്നിരിക്കുന്നു

ചെൎക്കു 296 ചെലാ

a place made over the hearth for the purpose of putting
any thing to dry. 4. a handful.

ചെര,യുടെ. s. A kind of snake considered harmless.

ചെരൻ,ന്റെ. s. The name of one of the ancient dy-
nasty of kings of Malabar, ruling over കെരളം, Cera-
lam, extending from Cape Comorin to the ghauts and
including part of Mysore.

ചെരരാജ്യം,ത്തിന്റെ. s. The Malabar country, gover-
ned by those kings.

ചെരാമ്പതിവ,ചെരമാമ്പതിവ,ിന്റെ. s. An an-
cient grant of land, privileges, &c.

ചെരായ്ക,യുടെ. s. See ചെരായ്മ.

ചെരാത്ത adj. Disagreeing, discordant, unsuitable.

ചെരായ്മ,യുടെ. s. Disagreement, disunion, discord:

ചെരി,യുടെ. s. 1. A town, a village. 2. a hamlet 3. a
neighbourhood. 4. an assemblage. 5. a division of an
army, a detachment.

ചെരിക്കൽ,ലിന്റെ. s. 1. Jungle or hilly parts of the
country sometimes under cultivation. 2. the threshing
floor and farm yard attached to Government lands. 3.
the farm yard attached to Pagoda lands.

ചെരിക്കാർ,രുടെ. s. pl. The inhabitants of a village,
town, hamlet or neighbourhood. കരക്കാർ.

ചെരുന്നു,ൎന്നു. v. n. To arrive; to approach,
to come near: to reach a destination. 2. to be received ;
to come to hand. 3. to be attached to or connected with.
4. to be added, or joined, to be mixed, combined, to join.
5. to be assembled or collected. 6. to be included. 7. to
enter as a member into any society of men, or into any pro-
fession or religion. 8. to agree, to apply, to accord, to suit.
9. to unite, to resort to. 10. to belong to, to appertain, to
resemble, to be like. 11. to join with one, or be of a party.
12. to be suitable, becoming, proper. 13. to agree to, to
consent to.

ചെരുമാനക്കാരൻ,ന്റെ. s. 1. A Circar inferior officer.
2. the head of a village or hamlet.

ചെരുമാനം,ത്തിന്റെ. s. 1. A collection. 2. an inferior
office of Government, the office of the person mentioned
under the preceding word. 3. attachment, friendly inter-
course. 4. a mixture.

ചെരുംവണ്ണം. adv. Agreeably, suitably.

ചെരുവ,യുടെ. s. A mixture, a commixture.

ചെൎക്കുന്നു,ൎത്തു,പ്പാൻ. v. a. 1. To cause to arrive, or
reach. 2. to put together, to join, unite, mix, combine,
include, add to, or accumulate. 3. to assemble, to gather

together, to collect others in a body. 4. to admit or re-
ceive as a member into any company, class, sect, or pro-
fession. 5. to make, to prepare. 6. to suit, or make ap-
plicable, to adapt, to apply. 7. to cut off.

ചെൎക്കുരു,വിന്റെ. s. The marking nut.

ചെൎച്ച,യുടെ. s. 1. Agreement, union, junction. 2. ap-
proach, contiguity, proximity. 3. fitness, propriety, suit-
ableness. 4. adherence. 5. relationship, connexion.

ചെൎച്ചകെട,ിന്റെ. s. 1. Disagreement, disunion, dis-
cord. 2. unsuitableness.

ചെൎച്ചക്കാരൻ,ന്റെ. s. 1. A relative, a relation. 2. a
friend. 3. a companion, a dependent.

ചെൎച്ചയാകുന്നു,യി,വാൻ. v. n. 1. To be proper,
becoming, fit, suitable, agreeable. 2. to agree, to be
adapted to. 3. to be connected, to enter into friendship.

ചെൎച്ചയാക്കുന്നു,ക്കി,വാൻ. v. a. To reconcile, to
make friendly.

ചെൎത്ത. adj. 1. Near, nigh. 2. cut.

ചെൎത്തുകൂടാത്തത. adj Irreparable, lost.

ചെൎന്ന. adj. Near, nigh, close.

ചെൎന്നവൻ,ന്റെ. s. A friend, a relative, a client.

ചെൎന്നുകൂടുന്നു,ടി,വാൻ. v. n. 1. To arrive. 2. to as-
semble together. 3. to attend on one, to be importunate
in order to obtain some future advantage.

ചെൎപ്പ,ിന്റെ. s. 1. Junction, union, 2. joining, unity.

ചെൎപ്പുപലക,യുടെ. s. A joined board.

ചെൎലadj. 1. Even, level. 2. meet, proper, suitable,
neat, uniform. 3. friendly. 4. comfortable, easy. 5. con-

ചെല,യുടെ. s. 1. A woman’s cloth. 2. raw or coarse
cloth. 3. circumcision. 4. the Indian fig tree, Ficus In-
dicus. (Willd.) also Ficus infectoria. (Willd. and H. B.)
5. the bark of the preceding tree used to cover boxes,
&c. 6. the bark of a species of oak. ചെല ചുറ്റുന്നു.
To surround anything with the bark of the preceding tree.
ചെല ചെയ്യുന്നു. To circumcise. ചെല കൂട്ടുന്നു. To
cause a person to embrace the religion of mahomid

ചെലകം,ത്തിന്റെ. s. The root of a fragrant grass,
Cyprus. (Lin.)

ചെലമരം,ത്തിന്റെ. s. The Indian fig-tree.

ചെലം,ത്തിന്റെ. s. 1. Cloth. 2. clothing, raiment. 3.
the name of a town, i. e. Salem. 4. vileness, badness.
adj. Vile, wicked, bad.

ചെലാകൎമ്മം,ത്തിന്റെ. s. The rite of circumcision,
circumcision. ചെലാകൎമ്മം ചെയ്യുന്നു. To perform
the rite of circumcision.

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